Hello! My name is Lauren and I'm a full-time Senior Production Artist for a marketing service who focuses on building and growing brands. I help create both printed circulars and digital ads for a major grocery retailer. Currently, I work remotely, and I'm based out of Metro Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating high school, I honorably served in the United States Air Force and completed my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications through The University of Maryland Global Campus. 
When I'm not working, I enjoy freelancing in graphic design. I specialize in logos and small business digital advertisements and collateral. In my spare time, I love video games, traveling, photography and spending time with family and friends. I also manage a small business on Depop and Mercari.

Thanks for checking out my bio! :)

Need to discuss a logo or design project? Connect with me on LinkedIn or message me via my contact page. hello@laureneichner.design

Photo by Donne Ashlock.

Thank you!
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